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Richie86 Boxes Game

Posted by Richie86 on December 24, 2007

This is the game that created by me, you need some logic thinking and patient only able to solve it. It’s kind of puzzle game.. If you having problem for running it, install .net Framework 2.0 that can be downloaded from Microsoft.

After few update, it’s quite hard to hack this game anymore. In Version 3.0 you can just simply load it in olly and find the boolean value refer by the function called each time you press a box. But now you have more thing to do to exploit it, and the most difficult is.. you have to bypass the validation of simulation, you can cheat by change all box to black which is very simple, but during simulation it will replay whatever step you had made and that time it will know whether you cheat or not.

Score evaluate by recording your startup time and the time where you solve the game. May be you will think of freezing the time or change it though system clock, try it and see what happened.

Offline Database (score.dll) is just using MS Access without password protect but you can’t just modify your score there.

Download Link:

Game program:

Replay Script Collection:

Main Interface

Online Ranking

Simulation Playback

Change log:
Version 3.5
– Tweaked simulation speed
– Fixed threading problem in simulation

Version 3.4
– Introducing Simulating Engine
a) Anti-Hack Mode
b) Replay Mode
– Minor bug fixed

Version 3.3
– Quick fix on ranking system

Version 3.2
– Added a mini Anti-Hack Mechanism
– Exe packed!
– Improved Synchronizing System

Version 3.1
– Fixed some bugs
– Added mini Anti SQL Injection Engine
– Added restart button

Version 3.0
– Introducing Ranking System
– Introducing Anti-Cheat System (Try to cheat and see :P)
– Introducing Online Database Synchronizing Support
– Improving GUI, Help menu added with tutorial and hint
– Added Automated MSN Adding Feature

Version 2.0
– Remodify Score Evaluating System
– Improving game difficulty to 5×5 boxes game

Version 1.0
– Original 3×3 boxes game
– Introducing Score Evaluating System


2 Responses to “Richie86 Boxes Game”

  1. Eternity said

    Very interesting game.

  2. Richie86 said

    Waiting your name popup on the ranking some days :D

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